This Week in Medicare Updates—5/3/2023


This Week in Medicare Updates—5/3/2023

Electronic Cell-Signaling Treatment

On April 24, CMS published an MLN Fact Sheet regarding Medicare coverage and billing for electronic cell-signaling treatment. Medicare does not cover electronic cell-signaling treatment because Medicare considers it experimental, medically unnecessary, and investigational. The fact sheet discusses similar devices and procedures Medicare covers under certain circumstances, such as peripheral nerve blocks and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).

Compliance Guidance Update

On April 24, the OIG published a Notice regarding its upcoming plans to modernize Compliance Program Guidance (CPG) documents. The OIG has developed a new format for CPGs and will publish them on the OIG website instead of in the Federal Register. The agency said it would publish a general CPG by the end of 2023 on federal fraud and abuse laws, compliance program basics, operating effective compliance programs, and OIG processes and resources. It said it will begin publishing industry-specific CPGs in 2024 and expects the first two topics addressed will be Medicare Advantage and nursing facilities.

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