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With our corporate membership, PROPEL, our subject matter experts become a member of your team, helping you to distill complex regulatory information and guiding you through personalized implementation.


The guidance you need to take your organization to the next level.

We deliver a hand-crafted training program that ensures consistent messaging across all team members and grows and evolves as your department does. We will help empower your staff to achieve departmental goals while also providing opportunities to earn CEUs.

Propel your organization forward



No matter the number, frequency, or complexity of regulation changes, PROPEL will help your organization maintain compliance in an ever-changing climate. We help you navigate frequent updates, understand nuances, and operationalize regulatory and process changes in a compliant and efficient manner.



PROPEL delivers the same message through its training and resources to your staff no matter their department or physical location. We help you ensure your staff maintains uniformity in process and understanding to achieve both a productive and compliant workflow.

Revenue Cycle Efficiency


While the healthcare landscape is constantly shifting, PROPEL offers real-time support to stay in front of changes to coding, billing, and documentation requirements. PROPEL will help your organization improve efficiencies, reduce denials, and achieve optimization in all your revenue cycle processes.

Domains served



PROPELCDI provides custom training, guidance, and resources for CDI teams—all delivered by ACDIS instructors. Membership includes:

  • Six custom webinars
  • Five regulatory-focused webinars
  • Teamwide access to the CDI Learning Assessment
  • Teamwide access to an extensive library of ACDIS resources
  • “Ask the Expert” hours
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PROPELCoding keeps coders up to date and coding accurately with ongoing training that makes them aware of the latest coding guidelines while earning continuing education credits. Membership includes:

  • Monthly hour-long webinars keep staff aware of coding guideline changes
  • JustCoding Platinum for continuing education
  • On-call access to our coding experts
  • JustCoding PRO tool
  • Two custom webinars
  • Coding curated webinar library
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With PROPELMedicare, we partner with healthcare leaders to provide year-round Medicare monitoring and education to ensure staff is up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes, compliant with all Medicare billing policies, and consistent in the processes necessary to improve claims flow and prevent denials. Membership includes:

  • Monthly Watchdog service
  • Ask the Expert
  • Quarterly education calls
  • Virtual Medicare mastery workshops
  • Medicare curated webinar library
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Revenue Cycle


PROPELRevenue Cycle unites the benefits of PROPELCDI, PROPELCoding, and PROPELMedicare so staff across all these essential departments receive reliable, consistent, and compliance-based training and resources. Membership benefits include:

  • One consistent message across key revenue cycle functions.
  • Rules-based training with links and references
  • Ongoing education as rules and regulations evolve
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